Conductor Properties

Physical properties of annealed copper

Density at 20°C g/cubic centimeter 8.890
Thermal Conductivity²/sec/cm 0.93
Thermal capacity
Thermal Expansion - Linear (change in unit
length at 0°C/°C
16.8X10 -6
Melting Point Deg C 1083
Tensile strength of annealed copper wire
Ultimate strength
Yield strength
kg force /mm²
kg force /mm²


Electrical properties of annealed copper wire

IACS Volume conductivity, min at 20 deg C % 100 min.
Volume resistivity, max. at 20 deg C Ohm. mm²/m 0.017241(1/58)
Weight Resistivity, Maximum at 20 deg C Ohm gramme/meter² 0.15328
Thermal Coefficient of resistance at
20 deg C (change in unit resistance at 20 deg C/°C