News & Announcements

News and Announcements

FY 20-21

Newspaper-Advertisement-UFR- 31.12.20206.5 MBNewspaper-Advertisement-UFR- 30.06.20201.3 MBOutcome of Board Meeting 01.04.2021118.4 KBTrading Window Closure 31.03.2021113.5 KBOutcome of Board Meeting 11.02.2021907.7 KBRecord Date for 2nd Interim Dividend111.7 KBNewspaper Advertisement for BM 11.02.20215.4 MBBoard Meeting Intimation 11.02.2021113.9 KBRelated Party Transaction 30.09.2020334.9 KBTrading Window Closure 31.12.2020113.6 KBCredit Rating for FY 2020-21114.4 KBRPT30092020181.5 KBIntimation of record date112.2 KBTrading Window Closure 31.03.2020113.3 KBVoluntary Salary Cut for MD and WTD289.7 KBVoluntary Salary Cut MD and WTD 07.05.2020114.3 KBCovid-19_impact_disclosure964.8 KBRelated Party Transactions 31.03.2020403.1 KBIntimation of Restart of Factory 20.04.2020122.0 KBOutcome of Board Meeting 30.09.20202.2 MBIntimation of record date112.2 KBNewspaper Advertisement-UFR 30.09.20204.5 MBIEPF Advertisement 1st and 2nd Interim 2013-143.9 MBNewspaper Intimation of BM 11.11.20204.9 MBNotice of Board Meeting 11.11.2020287.5 KBTrading Window Closure 30.09.2020421.8 KBConsolidated Scrutinizer Result 20201.6 MBProceedings of AGM 2020402.7 KBAGM Advertisement for Evoting Dates, Book Closure5.7 MBPre AGM 2019-20 Advertisement4.9 MBNotice of Book Closure445.2 KBRelated Party Transactions 30.06.2020403.1 KBBM Outcome 13.04.2020113.8 KBIEPF Newspaper Advertisement4.6 MBNewspaper Advertisement for Financial Results 31.03.20204.6 MBTrading Window Closure 30.06.2020703.8 KBResignation-letter3.1 MB

Outcome Of AGM 26th AGM

Outcome Of AGM 25th AGM

Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF)

List of Shareholders whose shares Transferred in IEPF as 31.01.2021780.2 KBIEPF Advertisement 1st and 2nd Interim 2013-143.9 MBUnpaid as on 31.03.2020 (2nd Interim 2019-2020)230.4 KBIEPF Newspaper Advertisement 2012-132.4 MBList of Shares Transfered to IEPF 29.02.2020139.5 KBList of Shares Transfered_Final Dividend 2012-1358.4 KBList of Shares Transfered_Interim Dividend 2012-1357.9 KBIEPF Newspaper Advertisement4.6 MBDetails-for-Transfer-of-Shares-to-IEPF-Authority-Interim-Div-FY-2012-13-due-for-transfer-after-31.03.2020255.6 KBNewspaper-Notice_-IEPF-SHARE-TRANSFER-due-afte-31.03.2020_Intrim-DIV-FY-2012-13830.3 KBNewspaper Notice_ IEPF SHARE TRANSFER due afte 06.10.2019_FINAL DIV FY 2011-12218.2 KBDetails for Transfer of Shares to IEPF Authority Final Div FY 2011-12 due for transfer on or after 06.10.2019422.1 KBDetails for Shares Transferred to IEPF Authority_Interim Div-FY-2011-12243.4 KBNewspaper-Notice_-IEPF-SHARE-TRANSFER-due-after-28.02.2019_INTERIM-DIV-FY-2011-12622.8 KBDetails for Transfer of Shares to IEPF Authority Interim-Div-FY-2011-12 due for transfer on or after 28.02.201921.2 KBDetails for Transfer of Shares to IEPF Authority_ Final Div FY 2010-1119.2 KBNewspaper Notice_ IEPF SHARE TRANSFER due after 03.09.2018_FINAL DIV FY 2010-11268.5 KBDetails for transfer of shares to IEPF Authority_1st Interim FY 2010-1114.2 KBNewspaper advertisement_IEPF Share Transfer Notice_1st Interim FY 2010-11180.7 KBPrecision_IEPF 1st Reminder Shareholders List1.0 MBNewspaper Advertisment for general notice to Shareholders under IEPF Rules 201684.8 KBDETAILS OF SHAREHOLDERS FOR TRANSFER OF SHARES TO IEPF AUTHORITY_11.11.20171,014.7 KB